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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Buy electronic cigarette starter kits from V2 and save over ordering e cigarette starter items a la carte. Our selection of e cig starter kits includes both V2 Classic and EX products, with options that fit beginning to experienced consumers.

Classic Series

EX Series


Blank Cartridges for E-Liquid

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Find the Right Starter Kit for You

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Kit Contents V2 Standard Kit V2 Standard
Plus Kit
V2 Standard
E-Liquid Kit
V2 Ultimate Kit
Batteries 2 2 2 3
Flavor Cartridges 10 10 25
Wall Adapters 1 1 1 1
Smart Chargers 1 1 1 1
Car Adapter 1
Portable Charging Case 1
Portable Charging Case XL 1
E-Liquids 2
EX Blanks 3
Metal Carry Case 1
Power-Cig 1
Lanyard 1